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Sell House Fast in Reading

One of the most beautiful places to live in should be one that offers you the chance to enjoy nature anytime you wish. That is exactly what this large town offers: a chance to live on the Kennet and Thames Rivers in the southern side of England. The town is very famous for its Reading Festival, an outdoor event mainly featuring rock music. The riverside restaurants dotting the city centre are as therapeutic as they are filling. 

According to Crossrail, property prices in Reading are set to rocket by more than 43% by 2020, thanks to the growing demand for housing and the limited supply. This demand has further been boosted by the high speed rail link, making this city the best commute city to live in. If you are aspiring to acquire property in Reading, now is the time. If you are selling, you are in for a good and fast deal. Here is a little more about this enviable city.

Interesting places in Reading

Being a richly historic town with countless museums, ruins and the Victorian gardens, you’ll pleasantly find that there is so much that is hard to miss in Reading. Here are some of them.

  • The Maiwand Lion in the Forbury Gardens build to commemorate fallen soldiers
  • The Blade, a 14 storey complex
  • The Jackson’s corner the home of the famous department stores
  • The READING Abbey
  • The Abbey Gateway
  • The Reading Minster
  • Historic churches such as Greyfriars and St Laurence

There are countless more attractions around the town. You can go on an exploration tour of Reading to take in the essence of the town as well as all it has to offer.

The Sports Teams in Reading

Football remains the most popular sport in Reading, and the Reading Football Club (also called Royals) bears witness. The club was formerly based at Elm Park and plays regularly at the Madejski Stadium and won the Football Champions League in 2012.

Other than football, there are several sports teams in Reading. Some of the most common sports include:

  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Rowing
  • Athletics

There are several fitness and sports regimens that anyone can engage in for leisure. If you are only looking for a sport to keep you busy, you are spoilt for choice. If you are a career sports person, there are nationally recognized teams you can try out for.

Sports Centres in Reading

It is not enough to just cheer on the winning teams; it is thrilling to participate too! If you are one of those who do not like to be at the sidelines but enjoy being in the game then you need to look for sports centres in Reading with facilities for your favorite sports. When buying property, be sure to check the centres that you can easily access. Some of the sports and fitness centres in Reading include:

  • Rivermead Leisure Complex
  • Riverside Sports and fitness centre
  • David Lloyd Centre
  • Bulmershe Leisure Centre
  • Reading Sports and Leidsure centre
  • Meadway Sports Centre

There are countless more sports and fitness centres around Reading where you can join. You can look around to see the facilities in the centres that are in the locality of where you’d like to buy property.

Getting Around Reading: Transport Hubs and Stations

Owing to its strategic placement in the Thames Valley to London’s west, Reading is one of the most important towns in the nation’s transport system. It is a major junction point for the national rail system which makes the Reading Station a vital terminus and transfer point. Other transport hubs in Reading include:

  • Two airfields
  • The Reading busses
  • The bicycle sharing scheme
  • The Thames travel and Stage Coach transport services

You can always get a taxi to get around. And if you need to take a vacation, Heathrow Airport is only 40 km from the town and you are free to use the Heathrow Connect rail service.

Schools in Reading

Learning institutions in this town are in abundance, from primary to tertiary education establishments. There are 37 state funded primary schools in the borough in addition to countless more independent and private schools. There are 6 state funded secondary schools. The Reading College and the Henley Management College give the students a chance to further their education.

The University of Reading, an Oxford University affiliate, has several campuses spread out in the borough. Other learning institutions include the English learning institutions such as the Gateway Languages, ELC London, The English Language Centre and the Eurospeak Language School.

Crime Rates in Reading Town

Crime figures are quite difficult to extrapolate as Reading has countless unusual places such as train stations, football clubs, music festivals and the like where petty crime is common. Most of these petty crime incidents go unreported.

Major crime categories, however, include anti-social behavior standing at 24%, sexual offences at 17% and shoplifting at 14%. All types of burglary and theft crimes combined make up for about 44% of all reported crimes.

Reading’s Population Facts

The borough has a population density of about 4000 people every square kilometer, with a population of about 160,000 according to the National Statistics Office. The urban Reading is significantly larger, with a population of more than 218,000 people going by the 2011 census figures. The population is made up of locals and foreign born people alike, making it a healthy cosmopolitan town.

The Political Reading

The Reading Borough Council is the single unitary authority here and it doesn’t have any civil sub authorities. The outer suburbs have their own unitary civil parish authorities. The borough had a Member of Parliament every year since 1295.

Postal Codes and Towns within Reading

The Reading postal codes are denoted a RG and have 30 unique codes which are sometimes termed as “outward” codes. These codes run from RG1 through RG42, and they cover all areas and towns in the borough.

Top 3 Estate Agents in Reading

One of the most vital components of a property ownership process is the choice of estate agent. While there are countless agents who are in it just for the commission, Reading still has a few professional ones. You can always check out online property guides on how to get the right estate agent, the prices for property in your locality and so much more. It is always essential to stay on top of the news in the property market if you want to sell your house fast and at the best possible price.

The best 3 estate agents in Reading are

  • Adams Estates
  • AH Lansley Residential
  • Arins, Earley and Wokingham

The list of good estate agents is not limited to these 3. There are so many more that are equally professional; you can always make a quick online search or ask around for reputable recommendations.

Selling property ought not to be a stressful endeavor if you have the right information and a brilliant estate agent. If you want to avoid the hassles of dealing with countless buyers, viewings and poor choice of estate agent, you can always engage cash buyers. If you do not mind a longer process and a better price, be sure to work with an estate agent who has a thorough knowledge of Reading’s property market.