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Sell House Fast York

York is one of those cities that were names global property hotspots in 2015. You can imagine the scramble for property that has now spread in the city as people rush to get a piece of the prime properties. Selling property in York is now a walk in the park; you only need to get yourself a professional estate agent to help you through the legalities.

So why York?

Apart from being one of the most sought after property hotspots in the world today, this walled city at the confluence of great rivers offers residents a rich heritage and influences England’s political events. It is a wealth of historic attractions, having been voted the European Tourism City of the year by the European Cities Marketing in 2007. Here is more on this magical city to inform your investment decision.

The Most Interesting Places in York

When you buy a house in York, you will most definitely fall in love with the city. The city is rich in ancient history and renowned for its beautiful architecture. It is also famous for being a walled city, and has numerous places which one should visit. These include:

  • National Railway Museum
  • York Castle Museum
  • York Art Gallery
  • Grand Opera House, York
  • York Theatre Royal
  • Wetherby Racecourse
  • Yorkshire Museum of Farming
  • Rowntree Park
  • York Cold War Bunker
  • York Museum Gardens
  • Jorvik Viking Centre
  • York Minister

York’s Sports Teams

The city has not been left behind in the world of sports. It hosts a number sports teams participating sports such as football, cricket and tennis among others. New residents can find sports teams for junior as well as grown up. The teams also offer you with a nice way of spending your weekends. Some of the teams are:

  • York City F.C
  • York Cricket Club
  • York RUFC
  • York Tennis Club
  • York Squash Racket Club

Sports Centres

The city has wonderful sporting infrastructure which any new resident can be part of. The sports centres offer a whole lot of leisure activities and facilities such as swimming, cycling, gyms and tennis and basketball courts. The centres include:

  • York Sport Village
  • Energise
  • York Sport Centre
  • University of York Sports Centre

Transport Hubs and Stations in York

Traveling around York is very easily as it is well endowed with numerous transportation means. These range from rails to roads. The city’s roads and railways are well linked to other major cities in the UK such as London and Manchester.

The city is one of the core hubs of the United Kingdom rail network providing a wide range of destinations and services.  The York Railway station is the main station serving the city. The station was voted the nicest station in the UK in 2007 making an attraction in itself.

There are also several bus operators in York for those who prefer traveling by road. The buses operate within the city and also to other destinations outside the city. York also has buses for hire and some are mainly used for tour. Some of the bus companies in the city are:

  • Inglebys Luxury Coaches Ltd.
  • York Pullman Bus Co Ltd.
  • York Minibus Hire
  • York City Sightseeing
  • Yorkshire Coastliner

Apart from the buses, the city also has several taxi companies which operate within the city at a cheaper fare price.

York is one of the most cycle-friendly in the United Kingdom, having a widespread network of cycle paths in and around the city. Most of the traffic controls in York give cyclists priority. This makes it easy to move around the city by bicycle.

Schools in York

Before buying a house in York, most home owners and especially parents consider the schools in the locality. York has numerous learning institutions from institutions of higher learning to elementary schools. Learning in York motivates and develops an individual due its excellent institutions and being a cultured city. York offers schools to both adults and minors. Some of the schools are:

  • University of York
  • York St John University
  • Askham Bryan College
  • York College
  • Derwent College
  • York High School
  • Huntington School
  • Fulford School
  • St. George’s RC Primary School
  • Osbaldwick Primary School

York’s Population Facts

The population of the city in the 2011 census was 198,051 with 83,552 households. The city which has an area of 271.94 sq. km had more 20 to 24 year olds compared to national and regional proportions. Furthermore, the city’s 85 and over year olds were also more than the national and regional proportions. The population of York is estimated at 205,323 in the year 2016. The population density stands at 4,368 people per km2.

The population is approximately made up of 51% females and 49% males. The mean age of people in the city is 40 years and the median age is at 38 years.

Crime Rates in York

Living in a safe neighbourhood is everyone’s wish and this is one thing that the city of York greatly offers.  With a population of over 200,000, York only attracts a crime rate of around 1,500 crimes per month with a large proportion of this being anti-social behavior. The city reported only 62 cases of robbery between February 2015 and January 2016.

York has been more than once named the safest city not only in the UK but in the whole world. The city ranks up there with the best when it comes to safety both in the case of residents and visitors. This makes the city an ideal place to purchase any property especially houses in order to enjoy this safe haven.

York’s Political Administration

The city of York is under the control of the City of York Council. There are 47 Councilors in total in the council. Labour party has 15 seats, Conservative has 14 seats, Liberal Democrats has 12 seats, Green party has 4 seats and Independent has 2 seats. Currently the Lord Mayor of York is Councilor Dave Taylor who is a member of the Green Party.

Post Codes and Towns within York

York is the main postal town in the York postcode area (YO). The region has 29 distinct outward codes. The YO area has 10 post towns, 37 postcode districts, 161 postcode sectors, 18,057 live postcodes and a total of 32,958 postcodes according to the February 2012 statistics.

Top Three Estate Agents in the Walled City

Information is paramount when it comes to making one of the most important decisions of your life; buying property. It is therefore advisable to check out reliable property sites before making a purchase or a sale.

Choosing the right estate agent is vital for anyone who wants to sell a house fast and also get a good profit from the sale. The city has several highly performing estate agents who are well acquainted with selling houses fast. Some of the top estate agents in the city of York are:

  • Coalters Estate Agents
  • Iglu Estate Agents
  • Redmove LTD

Selling a house fast requires one to be familiar with a lot of factors and not only the house price. Some of the factors include social amenities, security and transport in the particular city that the house is situated. With a good knowledge of these together with the property market, and with professional assistance; one can sell any house at any competitive price as fast as possible.