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Sell House Fast Peterborough

Peterborough is one of the popular cities in the eastern England, famous for its gothic history borne witness by the Peterborough Cathedral. This city is also home to countless beauties such as museums, galleries showcasing paintings and fossils, archeological sites and recreational parks. 

While house prices in Peterborough are among the slowest rising in eastern England, the asking prices have rocketed since May, with some towns experiencing painfully high hikes. These price hikes are partially contributed by the increased stamp duty as well as the rising demand for housing in Peterborough. As the prices keep hiking, so does the demand. This is good news to sellers since they’ll get a higher margin. However, if you are aspiring to own a home in Peterborough, it is advisable to get it sooner other than later; the longer you wait, the more you’ll pay.

Places of Interest in Peterborough

Peterborough is known as a cathedral city, due to the ancient Peterborough Cathedral. The city has a number of interesting places which attract people from all over the country. It is a great place for a vacation as well as a popular area of residence. A visit here would be fun for people of all kinds. Some of the most interesting places in the city include:

  • Nene Valley Railway
  • Burghley House
  • Peterborough Cathedral
  • Elton Hall
  • Flag Fen
  • Green Wheel
  • Thorney Abbey
  • UK Parachuting
  • Thorpe Wood
  • Longthorpe Tower
  • Crowland Abbey

Peterborough’s Sports Teams

Most people are usually concerned with the sports available before deciding to settle in a certain area. Sports are considered very important to many people; hence they look for areas where they can participate in their respective sports. Peterborough largely supports sporting activities. It hosts a number of sports teams, some of which include:

  • Northern Star F.C.
  • Peterborough City Soccer Club
  • Peterborough Youth Soccer Club
  • Peterborough Sports F.C.
  • Peterborough Hockey Club

Sports Centres in Peterborough

Peterborough avails venues and facilities for various sports. There are public places for people to practice their sports and where competitions are held. The city allows for amateurs to train into great players. Some of the sports centres in the city include:

  • Bushfield Leisure Centre
  • Peterborough Town Centre for Sports
  • Virgin Active Gym
  • Bounce Peterborough
  • One Leisure Centre
  • Deepings Leisure Centre
  • Planet Ice Leisure Centre

Transport Hubs and Stations in Peterborough

Transport is a very important to think of when searching for the perfect property. Most people look for places with cheap, regular and convenient means of transport to their places of work and schools among other routine destinations. Peterborough has various transport services which can take people to every part of the city.

There are bus services available throughout the city. The buses have regular departure times, and the schedules and bus routes have been availed online.

There is free transport offered to students. There are a number of requirements for this service. Parents should find out if their children are eligible and apply online for the free transport service.

There are also trains which transport people throughout and outside the city. The timetable for train travel is available online, along with details on how to get cheap tickets.

The use of taxis is also a very convenient means of transport. There are taxis throughout the city of Peterborough, which are available at all times. 

Peterborough’s Schools

It is important to consider the schools available nearby before deciding on where to live. Parents are particularly concerned with how good the schools are in order to decide on where their children can go to. Fortunately, in Peterborough, there are many good schools, some of which include:

  • Hampton College
  • Jack Hunt School
  • Thomas Deacon Academy
  • Stanground Academy
  • Southfields Primary School
  • Discovery Primary School
  • Dogsthorpe Junior School
  • Braybrook Primary School
  • Bishop Creighton Academy

Peterborough’s Population Facts

As at 2014, the approximate population of Peterborough was 193,740. It rose from approximately 183,631 as per the 2011 census. It was reported that there was a rise in the birth rate as well as migration into Peterborough.

Crime Rates in Peterborough

The security of an area is greatly considered in the decision of where to live. People look for houses in places where they can be safe at all times.

The most rampant crimes in the city are violence, robberies and sexual offences. The city, however, has seen a decrease in the cases of burglary and drug offences. 

Political Peterborough

Peterborough is a unitary authority area, and a non-metropolitan district under the governance of a city council. It was declared a city in 1541. The city has two constituencies, which are represented by Stewart Jackson of the Conservative Party and Shailesh Vara of the Labour Party.

Postcodes and Towns within Peterborough

Peterborough has a total of 36 outward postcodes. It is in the postcode area PE. The city has 18 postcode towns, 39 postcode districts and 162 postcode sectors.

The February 2012 report stated that the live postcodes in Peterborough were 25,701 out of 37,228.

Top Three Agents in Peterborough

To have your house sold fast and at a good price, you need to find the best estate agent you can afford. Expert help is fundamental in the success of your sale. In Peterborough, there are numerous estate agents who are great at their jobs. The three best, however, are:

  • Regal Park
  • Bairstow Eves Agents
  • Taylors

It can be quite challenging to find a buyer for your house, especially one who is willing to pay a price close to what you are hoping for. It is an involving and challenging process. You are required to make a number of adjustments for your house to meet the expectations of your target buyers. In addition, you need to follow some legal procedures and hire an estate agent to help you through the sale.

It is not that difficult if your house is in Peterborough. The popularity of the city makes it easy to find buyers; there are so many people looking for houses here. If you meet all the requirements for the sale, you can be sure of getting a very good deal for your house.