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Sell House Fast Norwich

Norwich lies about 160 km on the north eastern side of London city. It houses the administration headquarters of Norfolk and the famous East Anglia. Prior to the industrial revolution, Norwich was one of the most important cities in the UK. With its beefed up security, high employment rates, this city can be arguably contest as one of the most suitable for real estate investment. 

Over the past years, the most popular properties in Norwich were terraced. The semidetached houses have always been more expensive, and the flats have always been the cheapest. In the past year, property prices in this city have risen by about 6% and they are set to keep rising owing to the growing demand for housing

Facts You Didn’t Know About Norwich

  • It was the source of UK’s first ever newspaper
  • It’s one of the most secure cities of the UK
  • It’s a home to publication! The first lady publisher came from this ancient city.
  • Being one of largest cities in the UK, Norwich stood chances of becoming England’s capital.
  • Its open market is the largest in the UK.
  • Norwich libraries have the highest number of visitors
  • Its cathedral’s spire comes second in size in the entire England, only after Salisbury cathedral.
  • It has a considerable number of registered pubs.

Places of Interest in Norwich

For a long time, Norwich city has been known for its love for art and cultures, a reputation that is still on to date. Did you know that the first library in England was actually opened here in 1608? Norwich was also among the first cities in to make good the libraries act of 1850. Take a break from the London city and find solace in Norwich’s top attraction sites which include:

  • Dragon hall
  • Norwich castle
  • Norwich cathedral
  • Norwich market
  • Cow tower
  • Norwich museums
  • Strangers hall

Norwich’s Sports Teams

If you enjoy sports, Norwich has a lot to offer. The city is home to the Norwich football club commonly known as Norwich FC or the Canaries if you like.  This teams’ real talent has seen them promoted to participate in the premier league (2015-2016).

Some of the affluent Sports teams in this city include:

  • Norwich united - ranks second in this city 
  • Former AFC Norwich now Spixworth FC
  • The Gothic Football club
  • Norwich lions-this is a rugby club
  • CONAC-City of Norwich AC- athletes club
  • Norwich handball club
  • Norwich city hockey club

Sports Centers in Norwich

When planning to buy residential property, one of the important facilities to look out for are fitness centers, especially if you are into sports. Norwich appreciates your need to keep fit. When investing in real estate, most buyers prefer to acquire property that is strategically located. Part of this strategic component is the recreation facilities. Norwich has value for keeping fit and healthy and this has seen the following centers thrive;

  • Sports pack
  • Recreation road
  • Wensum
  • Nullified health gym

There are so many more fitness centers in the city. When looking for property, check out the centers in your locality and ascertain if they offer your preferred facilities. Alternatively, choose property from which you can easily access your favorite sports and fitness centre.

Transport Hubs and Train Stations in Norwich

One of the vital factors to consider when buying property is the ease of accessibility to various services. Navigation around Norwich has been well catered for. You can get around by road, air, rail or even water. The bus companies serving Norwich include:

  • The Konectbus
  • Anglian Bus
  • Stagecoach Norfolk

These companies will help you transit around the town and through other places such as Lowestoft and Peterborough

Air transport is served by Norwich international airport with companies such as

  • Eastern airways
  • Bristow helicopetrs
  • Flybe

There is the Norwich railway station if you prefer using a train .Should you opt for rail transport then these companies should come in handy

  • East midlands train class
  • Abbelio angalia greater

These train services offer regional and local transport means.

Schools in Norwich

Norwich city boasts over 30 primary schools, more than 10 of the secondary level and two universities. The total student population is around 14,000. This figure comprises of both local and international students. It’s worth noting that majority of Norwich’s students end up living and working in the city. Talk about love for one’s hood and availability of exploitable opportunities!

Some of the city’s independent schools include;

  • Norwich Girls High School
  • The Norwich School. 

Children with special needs are not left unconsidered. This city has about five special schools.

Higher education needs are well taken care of by;

  • Norwich University of Arts and
  • University of East Anglia – this has remained one of the best Universities in the UK since its inception in 1963.

Norwich’s’ Population Facts

This city is among the top highly populated cities of Eastern England. It’s known to host about 3,500 persons per square meter; this translates to a total population of about 135,000 people as revealed by the 2011 census. Almost 290,300 people commute around Norwich to or from work.

Crime Rates in Norwich

An increase in crime rates is mostly brought about by rising cases of unemployment. Though financial services are a major employer in the Norwich city, it is worth noting that both the city and city council suffer around 6% cases of unemployment. This means the city cannot be termed as free off crime. There are around 20% of crime related offences, all this ranging from minor crimes such as burglary.

Note however, that if you are considering settling in this beautiful city, then your security is assured. This city is among those with the lowest crime rates in the whole of UK.

The Political Norwich

This city is run by both the city council and county council all under the local government. Once after every four years, Norwich residents normally elect 13 councilors to the county council. Currently, there are consider when buying property that made it to the council following the 2013 elections. These are:

  • Liberal democrats-1 member
  • Labour party-8 members
  • Green party-4 members

Post Codes and Towns within the Region

Norwich has 34 towns within its region. All these towns have a special code abbreviated NR (Area Number). The areas are coded from NR1 TO NR34. It might interest you to know that Norwich was actually the first city in the England to make use of the postal codes and that electronic sorting of mail was first experimented in this city. 

Top Three Estate Agents in the Area

Dealing with real estate requires expertise. There are a number of such agents in Norwich city who will serve you with professionalism and respect. In your real estate endeavors, you must come across these top three agents namely:

  • Haart
  • Sowerbys
  • Savills Norwich

Real estate business is at a higher level. Agents who are committed to excellent service delivery are in plenty, and you can always reach them through their online platforms. This works even better for you as the client. This is because you can do your online calculations and comparisons before settling on which agent to do business with.