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Are you sitting on a gold mine? Well, if you own property in Maidstone and are looking to sell, you might be in for a big gain! While the selling process can be a headache for a firs time seller, with property information and the right agents, your sale will go on smoothly. For starters, you can sell your property to any of the numerous cash buyers. Make sure you negotiate a good deal, which should not be less than 80% of the prevailing market prices. 

Why Should You Consider Investing In Maidstone?

Maidstone, a county town of Kent is one of London’s favorite commuter belt towns. The town’s pretty villages, good schools and excellent transport networks make it an easy choice with home buyers. The cherry on top; it has good value homes, among the best in southeast England. Therefore, if you are thinking of the best town to live just outside the chaos of the capital and enjoy pretty riversides and rich history, this is the town to be. Here is a lot more about Maidstone.

Interesting Places in Maidstone

Maidstone is in the south-eastern side of London. There is a river running through the middle of the city; River Medway. This, among other sceneries, makes Maidstone an attractive place for people to visit. Its close proximity to England also makes it a popular place of residence for many, as well as a famous center for business. A visit to Maidstone would be worth anyone’s while. Some of the most interesting areas in the city include: 

  • Mote Park
  • Leeds Castle
  • Kit’s Coty House
  • Kent Downs
  • Hazlitt Theatre
  • Museum and Art Gallery of Maidstone
  • Kent Life
  • Stoneacre
  • Cobtree Manor Park
  • Grange Moor Hotel
  • HMP Maidstone

Maidstone’s Sports Teams

Sporting activities are considered very important to people, and are among the top factors considered when buying property. In their search for places to reside in, people consider the sporting activities available in that area. Maidstone is a great supporter of sports. In fact, it hosts some of the world’s greatest sports teams. Among the sports teams in the city are: 

  • Arsenal F.C.
  • Chelsea F.C.
  • Tottenham Hotspur 
  •  Maidstone United
  • Maidstone Hockey Club
  • Maidstone Rugby Club
  • Queens Park Rangers
  • Crystal Palace F.C.
  • London Rowing Club
  • Merton Hockey Club

Sports Centres in Maidstone

Maidstone, being a great motivator of sports, has a host of sporting facilities and venues. The city allows for teams to compete and practice and for sports fans to cheer the teams on. It also has places for amateur players to train and for people to have fun. Some of the sports centres in the city are: 

  • Maidstone YMCA
  • Maidstone Leisure Centre
  • Gallagher Stadium
  • Park Wood
  • South Park
  • Penenden Heath Tennis Court

Transport Hubs and Train Stations in Maidstone

Transport is an important factor to consider when looking for a house. It is important to find out the accessibility of such regular destinations as schools and places of work. Living in any part of Maidstone can be convenient, since there are transport services throughout the city.

Taking a bus on a routine basis can be quite easy and convenient. There are bus travel timetables offered online. Some of the best bus services in Maidstone include:

  • Kent Top Travel
  • Arriva
  • Nu-Venture Coaches
  • Spot Hire Travel

There are also many taxis within Maidstone, which can take you to any part of the city. The best known taxi company in the city is Streamline Maidstone.

Maidstone offers train services for transport throughout the city. The timetables for these are available online. The train stations in Maidstone include:

  • Maidstone Barracks Train Station
  • Barming Train Station
  • Maidstone East
  • Maidstone West
  • East Farleigh
  • Bearsted

Schools in Maidstone

Parents take into great consideration the schools available in their target areas of residence. They look for places with good schools nearby, where their children can comfortably join. Fortunately, Maidstone has very many good schools, ranging from preparatory schools, to secondary schools, grammar schools and colleges. Some of the best schools in the city are:

  • Maidstone Grammar School
  • Cornwallis Academy
  • Bower Grove School
  • Sutton Valence School
  • St. Helens Montessori
  • Sandling Primary School
  • Loose Infant School
  • North Borough Junior School
  • Oaks Academy
  • Tree Tops Academy
  • Allington Primary School
  • Shernold School
  • Mid Kent College
  • University of Kent

Maidstone’s Population Facts

As per the 2011 census, the approximate population of Maidstone was 113,137. It then rose to approximately 161,800 in 2014. The predicted population for 2016 is approximately 165,986.

English natives take 88.6% of the entire population, followed by the Scottish, at 1.1%. The rest are from other countries, and each less than 1% of the population. 95% of the population is English speakers.

Crime Rates in Maidstone

Security is a fundamental factor to consider in the search for a place to live. People look for places where they can be safe to walk at night, and where they do not have to live in fear of break-ins or attacks.

The crime rate in Maidstone is below the average crime rate in the whole of Kent. Though there has been a rise in the crime rate, Maidstone is among the safest areas in Kent. The most rampant offence is crime with violence, closely followed by anti-social behavior. Criminal damage is also slightly rampant in the city. The rest are few cases of shoplifting, vehicle crime, burglary, public order, drugs, bicycle theft and general theft.

Political Part of Maidstone

Maidstone is a county town within Kent Shire County. It is under the governance of Kent County Council, and has a total of 12 wards.

There are two constituencies within Maidstone; Faversham and Mid Kent; represented by Helen Whately (Conservative Party) and Maidstone and the Weald; represented by Helen Grant (Conservative Party).

Post Codes and Towns within Maidstone Region

Maidstone is in the postcode ME (Rochester area). It has 11 post towns, within which there are 21 postcode districts. The city has 83 sectors.

The latest report (February 2012) showed that there were 16,005 live postcodes out of a total of 20,834.

Top Three Agents Maidstone

Selling a house is a difficult process that requires expert assistance. It is greatly important that you get a good estate agent if you want to sell your house fast. There are endless online property resources that will equip you with information on everything to do with property. Maidstone has a number of good estate agents, but the three best are:

  • Century Residential
  • Sandersons
  • Martin and Co.

There are many requirements you need to meet in order to successfully complete a property sale. For starters, there are legal procedures involved, as well as some marketing tactics to employ. Additionally, you need to look for a very good estate agent in order to get the best deal for your house. It may not be as difficult to sell a house in Maidstone as it would in other areas. Maidstone is the ideal area of residence for many people, so the demand for houses gives you a good chance to have your house sold.