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Sell House Fast In Southend on Sea

Southend on Sea was a slow growing town until an influx on London commuters breathed life into this old-fashioned seaside town. It is now one of the towns enjoying impressive property price hikes. With ambitious regeneration plans that include seafront upgrades and new seawater lagoon, the town has now sealed its appeal to keen buyers who want to enjoy coastal life with the accessible transport links to the capital. This has rapidly graduated the town to a sophisticated front away from its previous reputation of day trippers and bedsits.

Referred to simply as Southend, this is a seaside resort town in Essex on the northern side of Thames Estuary. It is famous for being home to the world’s longest leisure pier, one of the major reasons aspiring property owners are scrambling into the city. Here is more on this irresistible resort town.

Top Interesting Places in Southend

Southend on Sea is known for its award winning beaches (which span a full 7 miles), and are host to varying water sports. The town is also home to museums, art galleries, beautiful gardens and parks as well as high street shopping centres. Some of the must-see places in the town include the following:

  • Pottery studio, Leigh on Sea
  • Adventure Island
  • Old Leigh
  • Belfairs Wood
  • Cliff’s Pavillion
  • Palace Theatre
  • Shoebury East Beach
  • Southend Pier
  • Leigh library gardens
  • Chalkwell Beach
  • Prittlewell Priory
  • Rollacity

Southend’s Sports Teams

One of England’s favorite sports is football, and Southend has 2 football teams playing in their respective leagues. Other than football, the town has other clubs or teams that are involves in the following sports;

  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Netball

If you are a fan of these sports, you can always be on the lookout for events in which these teams are participants. Whenever an event comes up, the relevant authorities are sure to make it know to everyone. The sports are held in the various stadia and sports centres in the town.

Sports Centres in the Town

Regardless of whether you enjoy an occasional workout or are a career sports person, you can always have your fill at the countless Southend sports centres. There are numerous facilities, both indoor and outdoor where one can enjoy the games. These centres include:

  • Bowling Centres include Alexandra, Eastwood, Shoebury, Priorypark and Southchurch among many others
  • Golf Courses such as Belfairs
  • Swimming centres such as the Southend diving and swimming centre, Belfairs
  • Tennis courts such as Southend Leisure centre
  • Chase fitness and sports centre
  • Evolve gym in Essex University

Sport can be either your professional choice or just for fun. If you are feeling extra high, you can always enjoy one of the Zumba dance sessions or joins fitness studio’s dance and sports regimen.

Transport on Southend on Sea

Before you sign any contract to purchase property, make sure you can easily access your vital services from the property you intend to buy. One thing that makes it easy to access basic services is excellent transport networks. Southend is served by a wide transport system which includes railways, roads and waterways. 

Busses are the common public transport options

The Southend Airport which offers scheduled flights across Europe

Railway networks that form part of London’s underground

There are countless private service provides who own busses and taxis that will get you around the town. You can use any facility that fits your fancy.

Schools in Southend

There are numerous learning institutions in the town, including nurseries, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. You will have access to various private, independent and state owned learning institutions of your choice. Tertiary institutions include the Essex College and the University of Essex. Southend is also home to countless vocational training centres and an adult community college.

Southend on Sea Population Facts

This is the 7th most densely populated town in UK (save for London) with more than 37 people per square kilometer (against the 3.8/km2 national average). By 2006, 52% of the entire population was between 16 and 54 years of age, making it a predominantly middle age populace.

Different wards in the town have differing population densities. Some are populated some are not. Some wards have a high minority population and foreign born residents and some are predominantly Britons. The town is pleasantly cosmopolitan.

Crime Rates in Southend

In the easiest terms possible, Southend on Sea is one of the most peaceful towns in England, with average crime rates compares to the rest of UK. The statistics speak of reported crimes. Here are the most common crimes in the town.

  • Antisocial behaviors at 27% 
  • Burglary at 28%
  • Drug related crimes at 21%
  • Robbery at 31%
  • Shoplifting at 18%
  • Sexual offences at 11%

While crime rates in Essex as a whole are on the rise, Southend still has a pretty steady rate of crime rates. You can always go for an updated crime rate report from any  police department in the town.

The Political Side of Southend

Southend on sea is a municipal borough that functions like a local government sharing responsibility with the Essex County Council. The county borough enlarged to accommodate Rural Rochford and Shoebury Urban Districts.

The Southend Borough Council has been doing well, despite a few hitches here and there, and was awarded the Council of the year in 2012.

Southend Postal Codes and Towns

The Southend on sea area is comprised of 17 districts. These postcode districts cover, in addition to Southend, Benfleet, Basildon, Canvey Island, Leigh on Sea, Hockley, Stanford, Rochford, Wickfors and Westcliff on Sea. The codes run from SS 1 through to SS 17.

Top 3 Estate Agents in Southend

Your choice of estate agent will make or break the process. But before you engage anyone to help you with the process, equip yourself with as much information as you can. Go online and check out any comprehensive online resource for information pertaining to property in the area you like. Information such as property prices gives you an idea of how negotiations should go.

Professional estate agents come in quite handy when you want a good deal. The top 3 agents in Southend are:

  • 121move
  • 1st call
  • Abbotts

It is important to note the list of good estate agents is endless. You can always ask for recommendations from people you know or check out online reviews of the estate agent you choose. 

If you are looking to sell property in Southend, you need to work with an experienced agent to help you get a good price. Alternatively, you can work with cash house buyers if you want your money within days. Regardless of the option you choose, remember that the sale will be quick owing to the rising demand for property.