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What is Property Management?


In today’s time the real estate market has become one of the most difficult and challenging markets. People find it nothing less than a struggle to buy or even build their dream home. With so many formalities that are involved with buying or selling a property such as the finances to all the conveyancing paper work and registration, everything requires time, patience as well as money.


But that’s not all. The real struggle actually comes in when it is about managing your property. Irrespective of its size, type or location, every property needs to be managed well in order to ensure its long of life, maintenance as well as earning return from your property. Property Management is an increasing trend which has emerged as a service over the period. This service ensures you a tension and hassle free experience of getting your property managed by an experience property manager.


Property Management refers to a real estate service where a professional property manager takes over all of the responsibilities of a property through an agreement with the owner. The duty of the property owner is to maintain the property and to make sure that it remains in great condition so that it can be used in the best possible way to generate income out of it. These ways can include mortgaging the property or renting it out to tenants or tourists. As part of their maintenance responsibilities, they are required to paint and repair the property. In addition, they are required to maintain the surroundings that include greenery and lawns.


About South West Housing Body


South West Housing Body is a trusted name in the region when it comes to property management. We have been managing tons of properties in the region for the last decade with almost all of our clients choosing us over and over and even referring us to other property owners in their circle.


We specialize in managing the following types of properties:








What we do?


When it comes to property management, some of the services that we offer include:


Sale and Purchase of Properties

South West Housing Body acts as a licensed agent and connects customers who are looking to buy properties with property owners who are looking for customers. We deal in all types of properties i.e Condos, Houses, Flats, Apartments, Villas and Plots.

Property Maintenance

It is a contract between us and the property owner whereby we mutually agree over delivering certain maintenance services at a fixed annual maintenance charges to the owner. These may include cleaning the property and its surroundings, major or minor repair work and re-painting of the property.

Property Return on Investment

For those looking to earn from their vacant properties, we help you in mortgaging or renting out the same by finding tenants for you.


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